K Raheja Corp Homes Recognised for Best Sustainability Initiatives

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K Raheja Corp Homes Recognised for Best Sustainability Initiatives

K Raheja Corp Homes, the residential division of K Raheja Corp, has been honored with the prestigious UBS Forum Best Sustainable Project of the Year award. The award recognizes their flagship project, Raheja Vistas Premiere, which has received a coveted GOLD rating from the IGBC (Indian Green Building Council).

The project’s remarkable achievements have been thoroughly documented and submitted to the IGBC. These achievements include an impressive 55% reduction in water consumption, approximately 20% savings in energy costs, and the diversion of over 96% of construction waste from landfills.

This esteemed award reflects K Raheja Corp Homes‘ unwavering dedication to sustainable development and its commitment to creating environmentally responsible residential masterpieces. The Best Sustainable Project of the Year award assesses projects based on various comprehensive parameters such as water efficiency, energy efficiency, material procurement, EV readiness, and water and waste treatment. Raheja Vistas Premiere has excelled in all these fundamental criteria, underscoring its relentless commitment to sustainability from the very beginning.

The sustainable initiatives implemented in Raheja Vistas Premiere offer significant benefits to its residents. Notably, the project ensures high indoor air quality, creating a healthier and more revitalising living environment. Additionally, these sustainable practices help conserve natural resources and reduce the ecological footprint, resulting in a healthier living environment for the discerning residents.

Ramesh Ranganathan, CEO of K Raheja Corp Homes, expressed his satisfaction with the achievement, stating that, “This recognition validates our dedication to sustainable development and pursuit of excellence. At K Raheja Corp Homes, our core belief is centered around creating living spaces that seamlessly blend luxury and comfort, with environmental responsibility. This accolade is an outcome of our persistent efforts to incorporate innovative sustainability measures across all facets of our projects and serves as a catalyst to continue delivering sustainable and environmentally conscious homes.”

Raheja Vistas Premiere enlisted the expertise of experienced green building consultants during the project’s planning stage. This ensured the seamless integration of the evaluated parameters into the project’s architectural design, resulting in exceptional efficiency and sustainability during both the construction phase and the project’s lifespan.