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The most eagerly anticipated address in South Pune is all set to sprinkle some stardust. Get ready to discover our newest landmark in NIBM, brought to you by K Raheja Corp Homes. This luxury residential enclave offers Ultra-Luxe 2 and 3 bedroom homes that provide the perfect blend of opulence, exclusivity and refined elegance. Created to appeal to connoisseurs of sophistication and excellence, the amenities, design and comforts at this development are redefining the standards of luxury in the neighbourhood. Welcome to Raheja Galaxy, where neo-classic design meets contemporary indulgences, location meets convenience and your lifestyle shines brighter than the stars.


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A world of privileges to discover. And rediscover.


Over 75 World-class amenities spread across multiple levels.
Amenities that are exclusive to this phase & amenities that are spread across in the common areas and the existing clubhouses.





Your world and everything in it. Well within reach.

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New Launch, Near Dorabjee Mall, Off NIBM Road, Pune – 411060

Tucked away in the center of South Pune, three architectural wonders known as Raheja Altair, Raheja Galaxy, and Raheja Constella reveal themselves as an enchanting tapestry of luxury and sophistication. These residential apartments in Pune redefine luxury living by skillfully fusing modern indulgences with neoclassical architecture, creating new standards in the community.

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Raheja Altair is a representation of the artistry of opulent living, towering tall, and majestic, more than just a residential community. Inspired by neoclassical architecture, the facade radiates a timeless elegance that makes it one of South Pune’s architectural gems. The large open spaces and low-density development strike a harmonious balance between luxury and environment, providing residents with a peaceful haven in the middle of the busy city.

The large apartments at Raheja Altair are all about luxury apartments in Pune. The interior design is carefully thought out to offer the ideal balance of style and comfort. Huge decks invite you to enjoy the expansive views, and walk-in closets bring a little convenience to your everyday routine. Exquisite lobbies with double heights greet you and usher you into a world where fine living is expressed in every little detail.

Raheja Altair” stands out among the stars that adorn South Pune as a sophisticated lighthouse. A residential masterpiece is produced by the combination of the low-density development, the neoclassical design, and the large open spaces. As you tour the Altair residences, the term “Raheja Altair” comes to represent a way of life that goes above and beyond the typical, one in which each little element is a tribute to opulence.

Raheja Altair” is a star among the stars that adorn South Pune; she radiates sophistication. An architectural marvel for homes is produced by the neoclassical style, low-density development, and large open areas. As you go through the Altair residences, the term Raheja Altair starts to connote a way of life that is above and beyond the norm, one in which each and every element is a tribute to opulence.

Entering Raheja Galaxy, you can expect an unmatched lifestyle experience that starts to reveal itself. The painstakingly designed development is a guarantee of exclusivity and excellence, not just a housing project. Across several floors, the top-notch amenities accommodate every facet of an opulent way of life. Raheja Galaxy offers modern fitness centers and peaceful green areas, creating an exquisite symphony of luxury.

The Galaxy residences stand as a testament to the developer’s commitment to creating a living space where every moment is a celebration. The wide array of amenities, meticulously spread across common areas and existing clubhouses, ensures that residents have access to over 75 world-class facilities. Living a life of luxury here is not just a choice; it’s a privilege.

The story of luxury continues with Raheja Constella, the newest gem in the crown. This stage of the development features luxurious, ultra-exclusive 2 and 3 bedroom homes. The furnishings, conveniences, and design of NIBM redefine the parameters for opulent living. Every component in this space has been carefully chosen to appeal to those who value the blending of modern living with neo-classic design.

Raheja Constella invites you to a world where every corner is a discovery waiting to happen. A world of privileges unfolds as you explore the meticulously crafted living spaces. The star-studded address in South Pune is more than just a residential complex; it is an ode to a lifestyle that shines brighter than the stars.

In the constellation of luxury developments, “Raheja Constella” emerges as the newest star, casting its brilliance over NIBM. The 2 and 3-bedroom homes redefine opulence, and the amenities create a tapestry of privileges. As you explore Constella, the phrase Raheja Constella becomes synonymous with a lifestyle that combines neo-classic design with contemporary indulgences, setting a new standard of luxury living.

K Raheja Corp Homes’ residential apartments in Pune are an example of their dedication to designing environments that go beyond the norm. Together, the three developments—Raheja Constella, Raheja Galaxy, and Raheja Altair—help to turn South Pune into a center for opulent living.

The term “Residential Apartments in Pune” captures the spirit of these complexes, resonating with the thoughtfully planned rooms that reinterpret what it means to be at home. Pune’s luxury apartment developments, Raheja Altair, Raheja Galaxy, and Raheja Constella, all hold promise for you.

When it comes to opulent living, “Luxury Apartments in Pune” is a byword for the way of life these three projects have created. An unmatched living experience is created by the roominess, first-rate amenities, and painstaking attention to detail. The concepts that luxury is a way of life rather than just a state of being are exemplified by Raheja Altair, Raheja Galaxy, and Raheja Constella.

To sum up, the Raheja Altair, Raheja Galaxy, and Raheja Constella trilogy is evidence of K Raheja Corp Homes’ dedication to reshaping Pune’s luxury real estate market. These residential apartments in Pune are a new standard in the neighborhood, redefining opulence, exclusivity, and refined elegance. Every moment of living here is a celebration of luxury, as neoclassical design meets modern indulgences to create a living experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Welcome to a world where luxurious and exclusive living is accentuated by the alignment of the stars.


Note: “T2 named Constella and T3 named Altair of Raheja Galaxy in RV Premiere (“Project”) is being developed by the Promoter- Cavalcade Properties Private Limited (a K. Raheja Corp group co.) and is registered with MahaRERA under Registration Nos.: P52100054218 and P52100054163 respectively, the details whereof are available on the website https://maharera.mahaonline.gov.in/ under registered projects. The images depicted are either actual or indicative images for illustration only. The references of locations/landmarks are as on date and may be subject to change, and the Promoter makes no representation regarding existence/continuity of existence of the same. The common amenities and facilities showcased are proposed to be provided for the Project Raheja Galaxy at the time of its completion. The dimensions mentioned on the floor plans are as per the plans presently approved by the PMC (the Promoter reserves the right to vary the same in accordance with applicable laws, subject to final approval of the PMC). The furniture and features depicted on the typical floor plans (save and except fittings and features as may be agreed to be provided) are not part of the standard offering and are purely illustrative. List of standard offerings and other details are available for verification at site. Details of the specifications of the building/flats, standard offerings, amenities, and facilities are available at site for verification. Intending purchasers are requested to verify all details before acting in any manner with respect to the Project.