ESG – Environment

Our primary goal is to decarbonize our business activities and transition toward a low-carbon economy. To achieve this, we are actively engaged in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, embracing renewable energy sources, and enhancing energy efficiency across our operations.

We are committed to the development of smart and futuristic buildings that incorporate digital interventions, leading to reduced power consumption, enhanced water savings, and improved overall resource efficiency. Our focus on effective water management and relevant accreditations underscores our commitment to environmental responsibility.

To minimize waste generation, we operate composting plants that facilitate the environmentally sound decomposition of biodegradable waste. This process results in valuable organic fertilizer, which finds application in our landscaping efforts.

In addition, we use materials judiciously and are pursuing circularity in our operations. Our commitment extends to reducing waste generation by exploring the utilization of recovered resources through reducing, reusing, and recycling. This holistic approach underscores our dedication to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

We prioritise responsible water management by treating wastewater at sewage treatment plants and efficiently reusing it for secondary purposes like gardening, landscaping, and flushing. Low-flow fixtures, drip irrigation, high-efficiency sprinkler systems, and rainwater harvesting further reduce our demand for municipal potable water.

Energy efficiency is a cornerstone of our sustainability initiatives. We integrate renewable energy in our total energy mix, including solar photovoltaic (PV) modules, to reduce our carbon footprint. Innovative technologies like Low ‘e’ double-glazed glass are employed to minimize heat ingress, improving indoor comfort and reducing energy costs.

Our assets are equipped with an Integrated Building Management System (IBMS) that centralizes control over heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and other critical systems. This integration enhances security, occupant comfort, operational efficiency, and leads to reduced energy consumption and operating costs.

We carefully select drought-resistant trees for our properties, which require minimal water and maintenance. The lush foliage contributes to cleaner air, creating a healthier environment for all stakeholders.