ESG – Social

At the heart of our ESG strategy lies our unwavering dedication to our people, recognizing their pivotal role in driving our company’s success. We understand that by investing in our workforce, we ensure the fulfilment of our commitments to investors and stakeholders. To this end, we prioritise the training, empowerment, and professional development of our employees. Central to this effort is our Code of Conduct, which sets a consistently high standard for interpersonal interactions, fostering an atmosphere conducive to continuous learning and growth.

  • Employee Growth and Development: The company prioritises the growth and development of its employees through various training and development programs, including leadership training, skill-building workshops, and career progression opportunities.
  • Employee Wellness Programs: K. Raheja Corp. Homes offers comprehensive wellness programs that focus on physical and mental well-being. These programs include fitness classes, stress management workshops, and access to mental health resources.

Diversity and inclusion form another critical pillar of our corporate philosophy. We firmly believe that a diverse workforce not only enriches our organisational culture but also enhances our ability to develop our employees, maintain an engaged workforce, and ultimately create value for our investors. By actively promoting diversity and inclusion, we encourage our employees to share diverse opinions and perspectives, fostering innovation and creativity within our ranks.

  • Equal Opportunity Employer: K. Raheja Corp. Homes promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace, ensuring equal opportunities and a welcoming environment for individuals of all backgrounds.
  • Awards and Recognitions: The company has received accolades and certifications, including being recognized as a Great Place to Work® and one of the Best Organizations for Women by The Economic Times.

Our commitment to social responsibility extends beyond our corporate walls to the communities surrounding our assets. Community development is a key lever in our ESG strategy, and we actively engage with these communities to make a positive impact. We achieve this through various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, employment opportunities, and initiatives aimed at social and economic rehabilitation. We understand that community development not only benefits the areas in which we operate but also contributes to nation-building by raising awareness of the importance of social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and economic stability.

  • Community Engagement: The company actively engages with the local community by supporting various social and charitable initiatives. This includes educational support for underprivileged children, community clean-up drives, and other philanthropic activities.

Making a difference, one step at a time, K Raheja Corp Homes is proud to launch “WE WILL,” a social responsibility initiative as a part of our loyalty program, called Royalty. We partnered with NGOs in Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad.

Our Initiatives
Donation Drives: We collected over 650 clothes, 600 books, and 100 toys for those in need.
Empowering Creativity: We held an exhibition showcasing handmade items by specially-abled children and individuals from marginalized communities, generating Rs. 1 lakh in revenue.

The Impact
“WE WILL” has positively impacted over 300 individuals, highlighting our commitment to supporting and empowering communities.

As we recognize that our workforce is our most valued asset, we invest in their overall development. We provide our employees with the training and learning opportunities necessary to excel in their roles, ensuring that they are equipped to contribute to our continued success.

K. Raheja Corp. Homes employs innovative solutions to address various environmental and operational challenges during construction:

  • Dust Control with Advanced Mist Blowers: K. Raheja Corp. Homes utilizes cutting-edge mist blowers to effectively manage dust pollution stemming from construction activities. These mist blowers disperse a fine water mist that suppresses dust emissions and improves ambient air quality.
  • Reducing Construction Noise: To mitigate the high levels of noise generated during construction, K. Raheja Corp. Homes integrate noise barriers onto compound walls within their projects.
  • Clean and Safe Roads: At exit points within their projects, K. Raheja Corp. Homes provides wheel wash facilities. These facilities clean the slush and mud from construction and passenger vehicles’ wheels, reducing the risk of accidents on slippery roads.
  • Noise Reduction through Acoustic Enclosures: K. Raheja Corp. Homes takes measures to reduce noise from concrete pumps by installing acoustic enclosures. Additionally, they opt for electrically operated concrete pumps to further minimise noise pollution.
  • Mosquito Control through Guppy Fish Breeding: Across all construction sites, K. Raheja Corp. Homes employs tanks at workers’ camps for breeding Guppy Fish (Poecilia Reticulata). These fish reproduce rapidly and help control disease-carrying mosquitoes by feeding on their eggs in stagnant water.

In alignment with our core belief in authenticity and inclusivity, the Pride Side Policy stands as a testament to our commitment to diversity and inclusion. This policy fosters a work environment free of discrimination, extending support to our LGBTQ employees through financial assistance for gender reassignment surgery and adoption assistance benefits.

Our maternity support program, Aanchal, underscores our commitment to the well-being of new mothers. We provide a supportive and comfortable onboarding experience for mothers with amenities such as creche facilities, day-care centres, reduced working hours, and professional counselling sessions to aid their transition back to work.

We invest in the development of our employees, particularly those with leadership potential. Through the Shikhar program, we provide comprehensive training to nurture future leaders and prepare them for the next phase of their careers.

Our diverse workforce is a source of strength, and we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive workplace. Sensitization programs are integral to our mission, ensuring that all employees, regardless of abilities, feel equally valued and respected.

Safety is paramount at K Raheja Corp. Our training programs, encompassing incident reporting, investigation, and root cause analysis, equip our managers and supervisors with the skills needed to maintain a culture of safety, promoting the well-being of our employees.

In recognition of the importance of mental health and well-being, we have introduced the Reach Out initiative. Employees can access a range of support services, including personal counselling, stress management, and wellness coaching, to enhance their overall well-being.

We understand the challenges faced by those seeking to re-enter the workforce after a hiatus. Our Relaunch program provides a platform for individuals to restart their careers seamlessly, facilitating a successful transition back into the corporate world.

Our adoption assistance policy reflects our commitment to family values. It offers financial support during the adoption process and paid leave for adopting parents, enabling them to build strong bonds with their children. This policy extends to the adoption of up to two children.

S.L. Raheja Hospital, part of Fortis Healthcare in India, is a globally renowned 200-bed tertiary care facility in Mumbai. It specializes in comprehensive diabetes care, partnering with the Diabetic Association of India and MDRI, an NGO for bone marrow donor sourcing. The hospital offers a range of specialties, including Nuclear Medicine, Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, Kidney Transplants, Urology, Nephrology, Neurology, and Neurosurgery. Collaborations with Fortis Foundation and NGOs allow for free Pediatric Heart Surgeries, demonstrating a commitment to affordable, quality healthcare.

Mindspace Business Parks REIT, our commercial entity, has actively improved Telangana’s medical infrastructure. By adding a third floor to Kondapur District Hospital, we expanded its space by 22,357 Sq.Ft. and added 118 beds, totaling 218 beds and 89,428 Sq.Ft. The new floor houses critical facilities, including emergency care, nursing stations, and doctors’ rooms, with advanced features such as acoustically treated roofs, firefighting equipment, accessibility ramps, solar power infrastructure, and surveillance systems. This collaboration with the State Government enhances healthcare accessibility and affordability, aligning with our commitment to sustainability and community welfare.

In collaboration with TSIIC and GHMC, Mindspace Business Parks REIT and K Raheja Corp Foundation are revitalizing Hyderabad’s Durgam Cheruvu Lake. Since 2017, our commitment has focused on enhancing the lake and its surroundings, offering a waterfront environment with recreational amenities.

In response to the 2021 floods, we partnered with NAREDCO and the District Collector’s Office in Raigad, Maharashtra, to create homes with essential amenities for affected families, reaffirming our dedication to community support.

Across our construction sites, we prioritize worker welfare by offering medical care facilities, mobile crèches, and educational support for their children. Collaborating with MMC, we enable mothers to work confidently, knowing their children are safe nearby.

At K Raheja Corp, we prioritize empowering women from marginalized communities through our skilling and training initiatives.

Our center equips women from remote villages with skills tailored for the apparel industry, offering comprehensive 45-day training followed by 15 days of on-the-job experience, addressing the local industry demand.

In collaboration with Vipla Foundation, we train disadvantaged women in Navi Mumbai, focusing on life skills and employability in facility management and beauty/wellness sectors. Graduates are successfully placed in reputable organizations, transforming their lives and supporting their families.

In collaboration with the Sadhana Educational Society, K Raheja Corp proudly supports various educational institutions dedicated to sustainability and reducing environmental impact. We prioritize education and sustainable development, with a focus on positively influencing local communities.

  1. S. Raheja College of Arts and Commerce
  2. Kapila Khandvala College of Education
  3. Malti Jayant Dalal High School
  4. School in Gambhiraopet, Telangana

At K Raheja Corp, we firmly believe that “investment in knowledge disburses the best interest.” This belief has led our commercial business, Mindspace Business Parks REIT, to construct a state-of-the-art educational facility in Gambhiraopet, a picturesque village in the Sircilla district of Telangana. This endeavor exemplifies our commitment to education within our broader ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives, which aim to create a positive impact on communities.

Our newly established school offers well-designed classrooms, a library, a dining area, training rooms, and an outdoor play area. Notably, it’s the first school in the village equipped with facilities meeting national standards. With a capacity for over 400 students, this school significantly enhances the local educational landscape.

This project is the result of a collaboration between Mindspace REIT and the Government of Telangana State. The school covers 10,415 Sq.Ft., featuring nine classrooms, a playground, a dining area, and a library & training rooms spanning 10,108 Sq.Ft., perfectly aligning with the Government’s ‘Our Village – Our School’ rural education program.

Under the Teaching Tree initiative by K Raheja Corp, we emphasize that education is an investment and a powerful tool for positive change. In partnership with the NGO Teach For India, we provide quality education to children from low-income families, empowering them to lead meaningful lives. Over time, this initiative has expanded to include more NGOs contributing significantly to the field of education.

Our Book Donation Drive has resulted in the creation of libraries in schools. We encourage the donation of various reading materials, from storybooks to notebooks, nurturing young minds. To foster a sense of connection, children address the audience at Mindspace Business Parks, sharing insights into their lives, needs, and aspirations. The generous participation of K Raheja Corp employees and Mindspace clients has been instrumental in this initiative’s success.

Our employees actively volunteer their time to support these students. They teach, sing, dance, assist with challenging subjects, or engage in meaningful conversations, guiding these young minds toward a brighter future. This significant employee engagement is made possible through our unique HR policy, ‘Time off for Volunteering,’ allowing employees to take six days off work for community initiatives.

In alignment with our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, we proudly support the Special Care Center by Vipla Foundation in Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai. This school caters to hearing-impaired and intellectually disabled children from underprivileged backgrounds. We provide essential nutrition to these students, witnessing the immense joy it brings them. Small acts, when multiplied, can transform lives, and we remain dedicated to making a positive impact on society.