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Legal FAQs

The legalities and confusing terminology that makes your home buying process stressful are simplified here for your understanding.

Which documents are needed to verify before purchasing a house?

What is the Encumbrance Certificate?

The buyer or the seller is required to pay the Stamp Duty?

The stamps are required to purchase in whose name?

What does the market value of a property mean? Is stamp duty liable on the market value of the property or on the value stated in the agreement?

What is a Free Hold Property?

While gifting a flat what legal formalities are involved?

While selling an immovable property what duties a seller should fulfil?

While buying an immovable property what are the duties of a buyer?

Why is registration required? What are the effects of non-registration?

What is the meaning of 7/12?

What is the meaning of property card?

What is the difference between the Leave and License and Lease Agreement?